6 Tips for a More Comfortable and Productive Work Space

6 Tips for a More Comfortable and Productive Work Space

Do you need a little help sprucing up your workspace? From adding plants to rearranging furniture, there are plenty of things that you can do to make your work space more comfortable and productive. In this article, we will share 6 office interior design in UAE tips for creating a more comfortable and productive work space!

Office Furniture, Lighting & Color Schemes Tips:

* Use different colors to create moods – depending on the kind of work you are doing! Warmer colors like red and yellow can be used to help boost your energy while cooler color schemes such as blue might be better for more relaxing tasks.

* Replace older furniture with new office desks, chairs or filing cabinets if they look worn down or uninviting. Even something small like replacing old drawers that no longer open easily could make a world of difference in how people perceive your workspace. You should also consider things like ergonomic desk chairs which encourage good posture throughout the day! The right chair will ensure you maintain proper back support during long hours at your desk.

* Bring nature indoors – adding plants to your work space is a great way to bring the outdoors in and spruce up an otherwise boring office. Not only will they brighten things up, but research has shown that exposure to live green plants can reduce stress and help you feel more comfortable throughout the day!

* Use dimmable lighting – sometimes we need more light than others for certain tasks such as reading or writing which means having the option of adjusting our overhead lights accordingly can be very beneficial. You should also think about task specific lamps if you find yourself frequently needing supplemental lighting while working on something like sewing projects, crafting calendars etc.

* Consider natural sunlight – If possible, you should also consider bringing in natural sunlight to help brighten up a room and open it up! Windows don’t always have to face outside either. If your office is on the North side of the building for example, internal windows could be used to let light come through from one end of your office space.

* Make use of whiteboards or chalk boards – These are great tools that can help facilitate brainstorming sessions with colleagues while updating them at the same time about important projects etc. When not in use they take little real estate but add value when utilized throughout the day.