Elements of commercial interior design

The way a place is designed and represented to its viewers holds a lot of importance because it is the first impression that judges the outcome of the place. Commercial spaces have a wide variety of things that it can fit in itself. From restaurants to shopping malls, offices to clubs, they all are structured to tailor the needs of different audience.

There are often times when we see a huge artifact or a certain element in the whole structure that stands out and is prominent apart from the luxury interior design Dubai of the place. You must have also stopped to wonder why the designer chose to incorporate such an element. Every designer has their own style and statements which marks their work and its originality and let’s not forget that luxury commercial interior design is very different from the residential interior design.

Even though those two branches of design may seem same at first, they vary hugely with one another. The main element of a residential place would be its comfort and liveability where as commercial interior designs focus more on functionality and practicality of the space. It is easy and simple to incorporate a painting with a calligraphy frame side by side in a house but the same cannot be done to a commercial place because things need to be professional and logical. A commercial space focuses more on the practicality and less on the design and beauty. The right person will be able to balance both of these things smartly and accurately in a commercial space without making it look funny and out of character.

Such as when we talk about the commercial space of a restaurant, the idea is to make it comfortable and peaceful where customers can have their meals in calm. But at the same time another commercial space such as shopping mall is designed to make the space for a huge number of people and public to adjust in without making the place cramp up. A shopping mall also rarely have seating spaces because the idea is to get make customers feel tired and choose whatever element they can as quick as possible to have peace in a restaurant later. This is how these spaces connect with one another and work for the living hood through design.