Factors you should consider before starting a business in the UAE

Recently UAE started his journey as an independent state, and in this period UAE played a crucial role in the oil market. This has become an important place for tourists as well as businesses. Due to its mixed culture like western or eastern, it has great attraction for Europe and the sub-continent. In the past few years, UAE has developed a free zone company setup in Sharjah, which is the best opportunity for investors in the world.

Investors may enjoy a bundle of benefits such as:

  • 100% ownership of the business
  • Import and export duties are exempted
  • The government doesn’t charge any personal or corporate tax.
  • Retain 100% profit.

But here is some important factor you should consider before starting a business in the UAE.

Choose the right business activity:

This is one of the major factors that every investor should consider, is choosing the right business activity. Your right decision will create a good impact on the company in the future. But you need to get a license for starting any business from the Government of UAE.

Finding the perfect free zone:

This is an extremely important thing for the investor, there is the number of free zones in the UAE, and you just need to make the right decision for your business location. Many free zones are restricted to the specific industry where you may get chances to enhance your business. But in case you don’t want to start your business in the restricted free zone, still you have many options for starting your business.

Selecting a business structure:

Choosing the right and legal business structure helps to increase the chances of success of the business. Almost every business has its advantages and disadvantages; it is up to management to find out the perfect structure that should be helpful for the organization.

Selecting the name of the business:

There are many factors that businessmen should consider before deciding the name of the company. Firstly, they need to check out that the most recommended name is available or not? Secondly, be careful not to use any word that has a political or religious impact. One more thing you should care about, use the full name of the company instead of abbreviations.

Preparing documents:

This is a very important thing that every investor should consider, make sure that all documentation is genuine and complete, and do not miss anything while preparing documents.

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