12 interesting facts about yogurt

Yogurt is one of the healthiest food to have in snacks and breakfast. You can use it to prepare a smoothie or your favorite dishes, from salads to yummy steaks and dips. However, many of us don’t know what history and facts the sour food hides. Scroll down to read 12 interesting facts about it. 

  1. According to historians and language professionals, the word yogurt is originated from a Turkish word which means to mix with a utensil or to knead. 
  2. Although no knows when yogurt was prepared for the first time, it is found out that people used to have fermented milk in prehistoric times as well and yogurt is nothing but a product of fermentation of milk. 
  3. However, it is a famous legend that yogurt was prepared accidentally. In the past, eastern tribes and nomadic shepherds save their milk from cows and sheep by storing it a container. Those containers were made of the skins of cows and sheep. Legend says that the milk was fermented in the container when shepherd opened it. 
  4. Pliny the Elder was the first oldest writing in which yogurt was mentioned. The writing says that only a few people know how to turn milk into thick and sour yet tasty substance. 
  5. Yogurt came in the USA in the 1900s and soon it became popular in the world as a healthy food that should be included in the diet. 
  6. Bakers heat milk to 85 degrees centigrade and then cool in at 40 degrees for four to 12 hours to make the yogurt. They mix bacteria in it that turn milk into thick substance.
  7. World celebrates Frozen Yogurt Day on February 6 and Greek Yogurt Day on November 9. 
  8. Crema D’or is the most expensive yogurt you could have. It is prepared from milk and honey. The makers present it in a luxurious box. Its cost is $50. 
  9. Issac Carrasco was the first person who industrialized the production of yogurt. He started the company “Danone” in Spain. Soon it expanded to America. The company named as Dannon.  
  10. In Saudi Arabia, yogurt was served as the food of rich people in the past. The writers mentioned in The Arabian Nights’ fables about it. 
  11. There are dozens of different spellings of yogurt that are included in the Oxford Dictionary. Therefore, it is not incorrect to write “yoghurt” or yogurd as well.  
  12. According to studies, 60 per cent of women eat yogurt while only 43 per cent of men have yogurt. 

So these are some of the interesting facts about yogurt. Yogurt is available at all stores of condensed milk UAE. Numerous evaporated milk UAE also use it to prepare different sorts of cheese.

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