Importance of figure skating costumes

Figure skating is one of those sports where style and beauty matters more than the real performance. This is because the overall appearance and style of the performer is part of the overall judgment on their performance. Some people even call figure skating equivalent of award shoes where the red carpet looks matter more than the awards themselves. Mostly because people love watching the new styles and the trends that such occasion set for the fashion industry but there are also best and worse look critics as well which can make or break your image.

Whereas if we talk about the sport where speed and movements is what matter the most, the figure skating dress could also steal the most attention. This is probably one of the best positive sides of the dress as your small drift off or an imbalanced movement could be covered with extra dress points for the dress.

The dress that is put on by a professional performer is a very tricky matter just like choosing between rubber and half shoes for rhythmic gymnastics. There are mainly two concerns when creating a figure skating dress: Functionality and beauty. Often this happens that when participants aim for beauty, their comfort is to be sacrificed because they would be hardly able to perform specific movements which can decrease their performance level. But if they choose the functionality of the dress, there aren’t many pretty choices available out there which can in return decrease the beauty points. This is the reasons participants choose their dress with great concentration and interest.

Even if they do choose something which is pretty to certain level but extremely functional, a simple wardrobe malfunction could ruin the whole performance and decrease their points. There have been cases where the participant wore a very elegant costume but the jewels, diamonds and crystals stuck to them kept falling off the entire performance. Even though a few of them falling off didn’t make a huge difference to the dress but because this was noticed by judges, the performance didn’t win.

But if you are creative enough to find something useable then you should go for it because there is nothing stopping you. You just have to follow the moral code but anything could be done within the limits. Believe in yourself and be creative to think new and when you are ready, carry it with confidence even if a mistake occurs.

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