Why Should There Be More School Bag Shops In Dubai?

Do you remember the good old school days when a new school bag and stationery was a significant motivation for the new school year? It was a delightful experience to simply even receive a school bag, no matter the limited use you might have had for the bag. However, some of the memories with a school bag are probably not as bright as the others. Schools around the world are now exploring the option of keeping a number of textbooks and books in school in dedicated lockers so that students do not have to go through the ordeal of carrying a school bag to and from school.

But of course, this solution has a dozen new problems in itself, there is the risk of threat or confusion when the books and stationery are lost, keeping school books in school will hinder the follow-up or revision of lectures and assignment submissions. For the risks that heavy school bags have in relation to muscle strain and bone dysfunction, there should be more comfortable options to choose from, this is why it is important to have more school bag shops in Dubai

Why are School Bags an Integral Part of The School system?

Studies have shown that school bags and getting new school bags is an important motivating and driving factor for most students up until the mid-semester. It boosts their morale and gives them a sense of new beginnings which drives them to study better and work harder each year. Apart from this, there are several other things that a student might need in their school life apart from books and stationery.

A good example of this is sanitary products that are carried by students, mainly female students. Of course, you could argue that all basic sanitary provisions can be found within the school premises, however, each individual student might have different requirements, health issues, etc. that require a carry bag with them at all times. 

What Damages can Heavy Schoolbags cause

With the extensive load on the back and spinal cord or carrying a load for long periods of time can be a serious risk to many students, they may experience muscle fatigue, muscle strain, persuasive back pain, rounding of the shoulders, and distortion of the spine’s natural curve.

To minimize these risks, it is important that the school provides stationary like school bags and a4 paper in Dubai apart from regulating the time-schedules and clarifying the necessary books for the day.

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