Myths and Truths about Chiropractors

Chiropractors do have a medical degree and practice in hospitals. They complete their graduation from colleges and universities to treat and cure back bone common disorders like muscles, nerves and ligaments but still they cannot be called doctors or medical doctors for that matter. You can call them therapists. But what is there in the name when the doctor or a therapist get the job done

A common rumor or you can say a myth goes around that Chiropractors don’t do a lot of training but at the same time they have to complete the traditional 8-year study before they can get their medical license to practice or open a clinic. But some Chiropractors have a 4-year degree and they practice in their clinics and some also have their license to do so. In this 4-year span they have to study the basic subjects like chemistry, biology, physics and psychology. After this they have to attend and pass chiropractic program, this program and the 4-year degree includes 4200 instruction credit hours.

In the 4-year program, the first year is about general courses like; principles of chiropractic, spinal anatomy, general anatomy of human body and biochemistry. Second year is about pathology, research methods, chiropractic procedures, imaging interpretations and clinical orthopedics. Third year is about in-house internships, pediatrics, integrated chiropractic, dermatology, ethics, practice management and jurisprudence. And finally, the fourth year is about clinical internship where the student study and practice under a professional chiropractor and completes their internships in different veteran clinics and hospitals. Most students do their internships under the best chiropractors in Dubai.

A chiropractor will then pass some additional tests, wait for the results and if all goes well, they can have their license. Some chiropractors also do additional courses for different certifications in; sports medicine, nutrition, rehabilitation and acupuncture. After all these years of study it is legit to say that chiropractors are doctors as well therapists. Some people or doctors who still believe in surgery is that this treatment is slow, at least it doesn’t have another side-effect on people who undergo traditional surgery and heavy medicines. This field has been verified healthy and the safest way to reduce back pains and it is verified by National Center and Integrative Health in the United States. A regular census showed that 75% of people who reported back pain after the surgery used this therapy and showed good results. Other than U.S. it is recognized by many health forums that there are many experienced chiropractors in Dubai, UAE

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